About Me

Hi! My name is Jorge, I am on the (hopefully) last year of my PhD in Statistics at Purdue University. I work with Prof. Anindya Bhadra. My research mainly consists of computational methods that employ heavy tails for Bayesian statistical inference. I have also worked on causal inference and applied settings.

I was born and raised in Costa Rica where I completed my undergraduate degrees in Universidad de Costa Rica. I studied pure math (2019) and actuarial sciences (2017). My experience includes working as a financial risk analyst in the financial sector in Costa Rica. In the Fall of 2018 I decided to pursue a higher degree and apply to graduate schools. Now, in Fall of 2023 I am on the job market looking for an academic position hoping to start in Fall 2024.

Aside from statistics, I love dancing and enjoy baking. When the weather permits, I also like taking nature-walks and riding my bike.